Gain line-of-sight visibility into operations across your portfolio and manage multiple properties effectively and in real time.

Happy Manage dashboards

Your Control Center for Property Monitoring

Happy Manage is a powerful web app that aggregates inspection data for a unified view of operations, and lets you manage inspections and staff remotely.

Inspect anything

With real-time access to property operations portfolio-wide, Happy Manage gives corporate and regional teams the onsite visibility they need to oversee critical inspection processes — ensuring every property lives up to your company’s brand and maintenance standards.

360° visibility portfolio-wide

Inspection Scheduler  Pro

Inspection Assignment  Pro

Global Template Editor

Multifamily Template Library

Portfolio & property-level dashboards

Charges & Scoring dashboards

Automated user provisioning  Pro

Role-based user permissions  Pro

Role Editing  Pro

360º Visibility Portfolio-Wide to Monitor Operations

With real-time access to property operations, your corporate and regional teams can assess compliance with inspection policies and course correct remotely.

Offline Reliability

Standard Dashboards

With the dashboards available in Happy Manage, you can monitor compliance, benchmark performance, and track charges — at a glance.

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Cross Platform

Management Oversight

Review scheduled, completed and past due inspections to ensure properties are completing required inspection protocols within the set timeframe you designate.

Auto Backup

Real-Time Audits

With real-time data access, managers can review inspection photos, charges and condition ratings to ensure the necessary documentation is captured in case of a resident dispute or legal claim.

Superior Property Management with Schedules

Set schedules for daily amenity or weekly checks, quarterly walks, preventative maintenance or any inspection cadence you require — for optimal compliance.


Schedules   Pro

When you schedule inspections from Manage, you can create unique schedules for each process — from daily amenity checks to quarterly walks. Select the frequency, choose the interval, and set whether incomplete inspections are “Past Due” — flagged but still available; or “Expired” — hidden from view. And with the Starting feature, rest assured that only what’s scheduled next will appear in Happy Inspector.

Assignment   Pro

Accountability is key when it comes to putting in place the right controls. With Manage, assign inspections to specific staff. Not only will you gain visibility on staff performance across your portfolio, it will also make life easier for everyone, as you can choose whether users see only their assigned inspections or all — based on their role.


Form Customization to Uniquely Fit Each Property

Happy Manage offers easy, self-service customization for inspection templates, so staff can precisely match each property’s unique characteristics and process.

Global Template
Template Library
Flexible Layouts
& Ratings
& Customisation
Instant Form

Standard Dashboards for at-a-Glance Monitoring

Gain line-of-sight visibility into operations across your portfolio with dashboards for property inspections, charges, and quality assurance.

Operations Dashboard
Business Level
Operations Dashboard
Property Level
Scoring Dashboard
Business Level
Charges Dashboard
Business Level
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Looking for real-time, advanced reporting?

Happy Insights is a robust business intelligence solution that empowers real-time analysis of property, unit, and item-level conditions across your portfolio.

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Enterprise-Level User Managment and Security

With automated user provisioning and advanced role-based permissions, rest assured identity and user management meet your company’s IT standards.

Offline Reliability


Automatically provision and deprovision users from Microsoft Active Directory, HR software or other identity tools. HappyCo uses the SCIM 2 standard, so managing users between HappyCo and your enterprise applications is secure and easy.

Cross Platform


Advanced user management allows you to set permissions for different users and groups to limit access to specific data as well as features available by role.
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Auto Backup

Pro Coming Soon

Customize permissions per feature for each user role to match your process perfectly. For example, adjust the specific features available to certain staff to include editing forms in the field but restrict access to editing templates.

Happy Insights

Property Intelligence

Happy Inspector

Inspect Anything.
Document Everything.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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