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Standardize inspections across your operations with consistent data capture for property conditions, quality standards and staff performance.

Happy Inspector mobile inspection and professional reports

Inspect anything. Document everything.

Happy Inspector is a fully native mobile app that gives you the flexibility to power any inspection you require — onsite, in the field and globally.

Happy Inspector on iPhone

Inspect residential properties, commercial facilities, construction sites, restaurants, hotels, fleets and equipment. On-site teams achieve up to 80% time savings, and with 100% offline functionality, inspections can be conducted anywhere.

Get reliable data by standardizing asset inspections and workforce audits with mobile forms.

Add scores to quantify and compare conditions and performance between business locations.

Implement comprehensive performance audits, asset inspections and regulatory compliance assessments — all with one intuitive, beautiful app.

Set up forms in minutes

With top customers hailing from real estate and hospitality, our templates are some of the most comprehensive. Setting up a template is a matter of a few quick taps.

Asset Import

Get up and running with a quick import of your properties, units or other business assets.

Template Library

An exhaustive template library includes forms for multiple industries complete with comprehensive scoring and cost attribution.

Digitize Existing Forms

Upload your current inspection and audit forms to be digitized so your team won’t miss a beat.

Pro Feature

HappyCo Inspection Template Library

Standardize Data, Customize Forms

Standardize inspections by specifying data attributes and customize forms with flexible layouts and multiple rating sets with a broad range of icons and color options.

Data Attributes

Set types, finishes, manufacturers, and other attributes for interiors, exteriors, amenities, common areas, grounds and more.

Flexible Layouts

Adjust your inspection forms by floor plans, sections and items with drag and drop functionality.

Ratings & Values

Choose from single checkbox, radio buttons or drop downs and customize ratings with a broad range of icons and color options.

Pro Feature

Scoring illustration


Add scores to quantify and compare conditions and performance between business locations and input per-item costs to forecast capital budgets.

Use a point scale to evaluate whether property conditions, product quality or staff performance are in compliance with brand standards.

Assign per-item costs for replace and repair ratings to estimate capital improvements for renovations and new property acquisition due diligence requirements.

Inspect, Record, Verify

Power a visual record of property, facility or product conditions and provide irrefutable documentation with digital signatures.

Inline Photos

Capture up to 16 inline photos per item inspected, each time-stamped and automatically captioned by number and item.

Comments & Snaptext

Add per-item, inline comments. Use SnapText to save common comments for quick insertion in later inspections.

Digital Signatures

Authorize inspections using digital signatures. Customers or inspectors can sign with a finger, and all signatures are time-stamped.

Happy Inspector mobile inspection and digital photo

Mobilize Inspections with Native Apps

The Happy Inspector mobile app is fully native, so your inspectors will never experience the slow performance typical of web-based applications in the field.

Happy Inspector on iOS and Android phones and tablets

100% Offline Forms

With 100% offline functionality, your team can perform inspections without access to cellular data or WiFi.


Happy Inspector is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Android tablets and smartphones.

Happy Inspector in the Cloud

With HappyCo, all your inspections are automatically backed up to the cloud and available in real time to your corporate teams—the moment they’re completed.

Cloud illustration

Happy Inspector in the Cloud

With HappyCo, all your inspections are automatically backed up to the cloud and available in real time to your corporate teams—the moment they’re completed.

Inspections and reports are automatically backed up to the cloud whenever your inspectors’ devices are online—so you never have to worry that losing a device means losing data.

Any team member can finish a draft inspection on a different device seamlessly and instantly—so a change in guard is never a liability for completing inspections.

Managers can edit forms on the web and instantly dispatch updates to every device across your entire organization.

With Happy Manage on the web, your operations team can schedule future inspections to any onsite or field personnel directly to their device.

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Reports that exceed your expectations

With a few taps, create visually compelling, professionally branded and easy-to-scan reports directly from your device.

Customize Your Report

Add your logo, tagline and company colors

Display photos inline or appended at the end

Hide or show incomplete items and inspector details

Select from report layouts, including landscape or portrait and comparison reporting

Using Your Report

Email a link to your completed report directly from your device in a few taps

Save client or management email addresses and pre-filled email messages

Reports are available instantly in Happy Manage on the web or via Dropbox

Professional PDF inspection reports

Happy Manage

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