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Monitor quality, speed, performance and costs across your operations to get the real-time intelligence you need to make better business decisions.

Happy BI business intelligence dashboards

Brawn & Brains for Business Operations

Happy BI is a robust business intelligence app that empowers real-time analysis of operations performance metrics across your enterprise.

Powered by Yellowfin—ranked #1 in global BI vendor surveys, Happy BI helps businesses achieve significantly higher secret shopper scores, fewer customer complaints and save millions on property acquisitions.

Protect your brand by monitoring property and facility conditions, staff performance and friendliness and resolve issues in real-time to raise customer loyalty.

Resolve maintenance, safety and regulatory issues the moment they’re spotted in the field, and fix problems before they become costly repairs.

Optimize asset ROI with accurate capital budgets for new property acquisitions and existing rehabs, and with realistic timelines for new construction.

Happy BI inspections pie chart

Dashboards that drive real-time insight

Dashboards are the perfect way to monitor operations. Create personalized dashboards or work with our Customer Success team to design the perfect dashboard to suit your business needs.

Happy BI inspection overview graph and chart

Align Action
with Strategy

Track your KPIs with rich, graphical presentations for totals, graphs and tables. Easily assign goals and collaborate on the metrics that matter.

Drill In
With A Click

It’s easy to drill down into your KPIs, so you can get access to the details that are driving the metrics, right from your dashboard.

Interactive Filtering

The Filter Panel makes it easy to see the data you need. Filter any business dimension or metric to change your view of the data and enrich your understanding.

Data Visualizations to Spot Outliers and Trends

Data visualization is not only a great way to present data, but a powerful way to explore it. With over 40 chart types, the right visualization is just a click away.

Happy BI data visualization graphs

Happy BI data visualization graphs

Every Chart
You Need

To understand your operations, it helps to look at it from different perspectives. From sophisticated heat maps, to popular line charts or combination graphs, choose from a wide range of visualizations.


Provide context through Drill-Downs, Time-Sliders, Tooltips and Series Selection to take productivity and user experience to a whole new level.

Best Practices
Built In

Deciding on which chart to use can be hard work. The auto chart feature selects the best chart for the data every time, or choose a specific chart if you prefer.

Data Discovery to Uncover the Details

Data discovery is more than just basic filtering. With Happy BI, drill down, through and into the details. We don’t put barriers between you and your data.

Happy BI Move-Out Module

Quick Query
And Analysis

You want insightful reports, but can’t wait weeks. When you have a business question, create an interactive report in minutes to get the answers you need.


When developing a set of reports or dashboards, you need flexibility in how you present your data. Formatting and conditional formats help you draw attention to what’s important.

And Functions

Create advanced statistical functions such as regressions and forecasts with a click of a button. Create new simple or complex calculations on the fly to get the most from your data.

Happy BI Modules

Get real-time intelligence to monitor your business assets — with Happy BI, track quality compliance, maintenance, CapEx and more.

Brand Management Module

Monitor properties, facilities, product and staff and get instant access to quality scores to help you manage your brand reputation and ensure operations are in compliance with your standards.

Maintenance Module

Track inspection compliance for property, facility and unit systems, vehicles and equipment to gain instant insights into top maintenance, safety and regulatory issues and costs across your operations.

Move-Out Module

For the Real Estate Rental industry, monitor average unit downtimes, move-out costs and Net Turn to spot the best and worst performers by property or region, optimize for best practices and manage up to improve net operating income.

Move-In Module

For the Real Estate Rental industry, monitor compliance for Move-In inspections to ensure you recover a greater percentage of deposits for damages—and reduce disputed charges to zero.

Due Diligence Module

Monitor walk team inspections in real time, lower your total bid based on instant calculations for replace costs that increase your required capital investment and track required CapEx by unit and item.

Rehabs | Renovations Module

Track required rehab items and costs from interior appliances to building systems, and dramatically improve the accuracy of capital budgets for renovations and rehabs.

New Construction Module

Monitor new construction projects with periodic inspections to better predict estimated completion dates — so you can more accurately forecast property ready date and net operating income.

Happy Inspector

Inspect anything.
Document everything.

Happy Manage

Your Control Center
for Field Operations

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