Due Diligence

Automate due diligence with mobile inspections and real-time intelligence for faster walks, accurate budgeting and lower bids.

Happy Inspector due diligence app suite

Faster Walks. Better Budgeting.

The Due Diligence Module is a flexible software suite that transforms property acquisitions with mobile inspections, real-time dashboards and automated reporting.

Quickly assess property and unit conditions with inspection forms customized to your due diligence process and to specific property layouts. Inspect units, buildings and common areas and produce instant reports to aid budgeting and bidding.

Speed up Due Diligence walks with inline photos and customized forms

Produce highly accurate renovation budgets, even for properties in varying condition

Lower bids and smooth negotiations with sellers with automated unit reporting

Happy Inspector on mobile phone and tablet

Faster Walks & Better Data With Mobile Inspections

Provide your team with mobile forms that perfectly align to Due Diligence best practices and precisely match unit layouts to speed walks and standardize data – all on a slick, user-friendly interface.

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Customizable Forms

Use our Due Diligence forms to align with best practices and easily customize them to suit your exact requirements and unit layouts.

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Integrated Photos

Integrated digital photos provide visual documentation of unit conditions, so you can eliminate inspector subjectivity and improve data reliability.

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Minimal Training

Get your team ready to inspect with minimal training. Happy Inspector, our mobile app for iOS and Android, is intuitive and user-friendly.

Instant Intelligence With Real-Time Dashboards

Empower your Due Diligence Manager with real-time dashboards that chart your property walk, — so you have instant intelligence on inspection progress and unit conditions.

Due diligence business intelligence dashboard

DD Manager’s Dashboard

The DD Manager’s Dashboard gives you instant intelligence on inspection progress and the ability to drill into the details — all in real time.

Inspection Progress

Get real-time updates on how many inspections are scheduled/completed/in progress and which units weren’t accessible, so you can address slow downs and issues instantly.

Detailed Unit Inspections

Drill into each unit inspection as soon as it’s complete to view photos and conditions, and accurately assess whether conditions match seller’s description.

Automated Reporting for Accurate Budgeting

With automated unit reporting plus a comprehensive data export, you’ll have everything you need for accurate renovation budgets, easier sales negotiations and targeted renewal pricing.

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Unit Inspection Matrix Export

Download your Unit Inspection Matrix to Microsoft Excel. All walk data is organized by unit to easily analyze and filter for renovation budgeting and maintenance planning.

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Automated Unit Reporting

At the close of your Due Diligence, you’ll receive all unit inspection reports as PDFs in a unified package, complete with ratings, photos and comments for smoother sales negotiations.

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Targeted Renewal Pricing

For owner operators, getting an accurate report of unit conditions means you can better target the right renewal pricing for residents moving out in the first year after purchase.

Set Up Today, Walk Tomorrow

We know it’s competitive out there, and the faster you can close, the more likely the seller is to accept your offer. You need a tool that’s lightning quick to implement and super straightforward to learn and use.

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Fast Set Up

Need to walk tomorrow? No problem. Upload your unit list with respective layouts, set up your users, select your template and schedule your walk.

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Need to customize your template but are unsure how? Do you need to train your workforce? We offer online training free or live virtual training for $249 per session.

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Due Diligence?

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading mobile inspection platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading mobile inspection platform for real-time Due Diligence.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading mobile inspection platform for real-time property operations.

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