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Luxury Property Rental Company Boosts Customer Satisfaction with HappyCo

Case study — Vacation Rentals

InvitedHome, LLC

Founded in 2013, InvitedHome is a hospitality company that combines the service and consistency of fine hotels with beautiful private homes in luxury destinations. The company manages over 200 properties in Vail, Steamboat, North Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, Telluride, Breckenridge, Santa Barbara, Maui and Emerald Coast.

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InvitedHome offers privately owned homes for luxury vacation rentals and provides property management services for their homeowners. With the HappyCo platform — including the Happy Inspector mobile app — InvitedHome has improved vacation rental customer satisfaction and increased homeowner investment in property improvements.

Manual Process Replaced by Mobile App for Consistent Reporting

To ensure all properties are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards, InvitedHome house cleaning and engineering teams inspect every home before each rental. They note everything from cleanliness of the property, to functionality of appliances, fixtures and systems, to the condition of rugs and furnishings.

Requirements for extensive maintenance items like replacing broken appliances or worn furniture, or making significant structural repairs, are logged and reported. After maintenance and cleaning are done, the inspector/concierge team conducts a final inspection before the new renters arrive to ensure the property is in ideal condition. Previously, all the inspections were recorded largely with pen and paper, but the information from the various inspections of the same property was often inconsistent and incomplete.

View from InvitedHome penthouse in Telluride, Colorado
Penthouse at Telluride

Finished checklists were transferred to the local rental office, where they could sit untouched for days, and little of the information was shared with corporate headquarters for analysis. As a result, post-rental surveys indicated that maintenance and cleaning requirements were missed, impacting customer satisfaction scores. In addition, senior management had limited insight into operational efficiency across all the properties it manages.

“Some inspectors would fill out the inspections forms afterwards, missing important details that led to poor instructions for the cleaning and maintenance crews,” said Corey Carlstead, Senior Operations Manager for InvitedHome. “We needed to change that, but more importantly we wanted to collect more consistent, detailed information as they went room by room through each property, so we could improve our overall operations.”

The HappyCo platform has enabled InvitedHome to upgrade its inspection process, improving regular cleaning and upkeep, and provide more specific information on larger maintenance concerns to homeowners via detailed, professional reports. As a result, InvitedHome’s post-rental customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score has increased 80 percent. Because of the HappyCo platform property owners are investing for maintenance and property improvements at a higher rate, which ensures InvitedHome’s properties are in top shape and in alignment with their brand standards.

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“The HappyCo platform has totally transformed the inspection process at InvitedHome, improving cleaning and upkeep standards. As a result, our Net Promoter scores have improved by 80 percent.”


Corey Carlstead
Senior Operations Manager

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InvitedHome beach estate in Montecito, California
Montecito Beach Estate

Automation Means Better Business Intelligence

With the HappyCo platform, InvitedHome staff complete inspections in half the time it took previously, even though the mobile inspections now include much more detail. InvitedHome customizes the HappyCo inspection templates to the unique specifications of each property — room by room, noting each furnishing, fixture and appliance.

“If the property owner has added any amenities since the last time the property was rented, like a new pool table, inspectors can add these details on the fly,” said Corey Carlstead. “This ensures the inventory and condition of the property are always up to date.”

The accurate inspection information ensures that all requirements are captured, the work orders issued promptly and the work is performed properly. And sharing detailed requirements for extensive repairs or replacement of furnishings or appliances with the property owners ensures they understand the issues and can authorize the work.

The information also is shared with InvitedHome HQ management, so they can assess performance across all the properties they manage, evaluate which homes may or may not be right for the business and refine training for cleaning and building maintenance employees.

Fast Deployment, Deeper Insights

Initial rollout of the HappyCo platform was fast and easy. “In some cases, it took us a couple weeks to customize the templates, but once that was done our teams were using the application within just a few hours,” said Corey Carlstead. He said InvitedHome plans to go deeper on analytics, eventually connecting the HappyCo platform to the main office systems to provide greater insights from the inspection information that can be applied across the business.

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“My favorite thing about the HappyCo platform is how intuitive and easy it is to use – the buy-in from our employees was immediate.”


Corey Carlstead
Senior Operations Manager

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Key Challenges

  • Manual inspection process was inconsistent, missed key issues.
  • Data not easily shareable for performance improvement, broader analysis.
  • Inconsistent inspections led to lower customer satisfaction

HappyCo Solutions

  • Consistent, specific, detailed inspections ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Larger issues easily documentedand shared with property ownersfor quick correction.
  • Data analytics provide key business insights for senior management.

Successful Outcomes

  • Solution deployed quickly, inspectors using solution within hours.
  • Homeowner investment in renovations increased fivefold, protecting InvitedHome’s brand standards.
  • Customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score improved 80 percent from 5 to 9.

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