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Home services professionals drive long-term relationships with HappyCo

Case Study — Construction

Angie’s List

Angie’s List provides the leading directory of consumer ratings and reviews on 700+ professional services across the U.S. More than three million households nationwide rely on Angie’s List to find the best local professionals to service their homes, cars and health — from general contractors to auto mechanics, doctors and dentists.

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Angie’s List is the nation’s top online resource for professional services for consumers, and many businesses it represents — including general contractors, plumbers, electricians and handymen — provide services for homeowners. By successfully implementing the HappyCo platform for its Home Checkup program, Angie’s List digitized its assessment process, empowering the company to collect long-term data on each property and increasing its likelihood of securing future projects.

Mobile Assessments for Professional Proposals

Angie’s List Home Checkup program gives its A-rated handymen the ability to provide home assessments for homeowners to keep their properties maintained and prevent costly future repairs. The Home Checkup typically comprises an assessment of a home’s systems, components and appliances including examination of smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, furnaces and water heaters, as well as providing a visual assessment of the roof, basements and crawl spaces.

Home service professional repairing HVAC system

Prior to adopting the HappyCo platform, participating contractors collected assessment information on paper forms, which added hours of clerical work to deliver professional estimates and reports to their prospective customers. With HappyCo, contractors now record assessments complete with in-line photos using smartphones or tablets. With an extensive library of templates available, contractors can quickly customize the assessment form to each unique property. And the HappyCo platform provides professional, consistent and visually compelling reports directly from the mobile device in a few quick taps. “We recognized very quickly that Happy Inspector provides thousands of our independent home contractors and handymen with significant opportunities to capture new business and drive revenue growth,” said Allen Shulman, Director of Channel Partnerships and Customized Home Services at Angie’s List.

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"The HappyCo platform successfully automated our Home Checkup process, and is a critical resource for home services professionals to drive new business opportunities. We now have access to long-tail, highly valuable data that IoT and smart homes simply can't collect."


Allen Shulman
Director of Channel Partnerships & Customized Home Services

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Long-Term Engagements, Driven by Data

Despite advances in Internet of Things (IoT) and smart-home technology, only a physical assessment by a professional can uncover most major issues. “When a service provider performs a Home Checkup, there’s an opportunity to point out other issues that should be addressed to capture additional business,” said Shulman. “But capitalizing on that opportunity requires professionals to collect, access and use that data effectively. It presents an opportunity for both immediate and long-term issues issues. Paper processes can’t adequately support remarketing for future repairs.”

The HappyCo platform provides the long-term benefits of a cloud-based platform — tracking issues over time by property and building long-term relationships with homeowners. “Contractors usually come in and fix a set of problems,” Shulman says. “HappyCo makes it a lot easier for our participating professionals to build long-term customer relationships. With the data collected, Angie’s List and its partners can help homeowners more effectively manage and maintain their homes by implementing proactive preventative maintenance. And because HappyCo stores data collected on non-smart devices, like water heaters and roofing for example, we now have ‘long tail’ data that no other company possesses. No one else has access to this type of home data, and we think it’s critical information for all stakeholders involved in residential property, including homeowners, insurers, real estate agents, appliance manufacturers and home-repair suppliers.”

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"As we gain more experience with the HappyCo platform and expand use nationwide, the possibilities for our contractors are limitless. This is already allowing us to to create new and powerful partnerships that wouldn't have existed without access to the data the platform captures — information that has traditionally been virtually impossible to collect."


Allen Shulman
Director of Channel Partnerships & Customized Home Services

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Key Challenges

  • Paper-based assessments delayed providing homeowners with instant, professional estimates and reports
  • Transcribing home assessments to digital reports required hours of clerical work for home repair professionals
  • Data from paper assessments couldn’t effectively be used for preventative maintenance and remarketing

HappyCo Solutions

  • Home professionals can create professional estimates or assessment reports quickly on mobile devices
  • Extensive template library of customizable templates digitizes paper-based processes
  • Platform empowers Angie’s List to collect information by property over time rather than as a one-time event

Successful Outcomes

  • New business opportunities through detailed, professional home assessment reports
  • Home repair professionals realize significant time savings in assessment-report preparation
  • Angie’s List uses data to create new partnerships and build long-term relationships for future contracts

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